Anders R. Korsgaard
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder

Anders Korsgaard began his career in the fuel cell industry with masters studies in the subject, concluded in 2001. He then joined Aalborg University as a research assistant and went on to earn a Ph.D. in fuel cell system design, transitioning the emphasis of his research from low- to high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane systems.

From 1999 to 2004 Anders Korsgaard also ran his own consulting firm, working in areas from the technical design for systems installed on super-yachts to the mechanical design of production equipment.

Mads Bang
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and founder

Mads Bang started his fuel cell career in 1999 at AVL, one of the largest automotive consultant companies, where he participated in the start-up of their fuel cell activities.

In 2000 he joined IRD (later IRD fuel cells A/S) and participated in the design of their first fuel cell stack. Subsequently Mads Bang completed an industrial Ph.D., partly at IRD and partly at Aalborg University, focusing on fuel cell design and the advanced fluid mechanical design of low temperature PEM fuel cell stacks. He then joined the staff at Aalborg University as an assistant professor, continuing his research into PEM fuel cell stack designs.