Methanol fuel cells
Clean, simple and sustainable power source & energy storage

With our world-leading methanol fuel cell system, you get a green alternative power generation and storage with:

  • No noise or dangerous emissions
  • High efficiency and lower fuel costs
  • Compact and light footprint
  • Flexible installation in- and outdoor
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reduced need for service and maintenance

It’s a highly efficient power solution that’s environmentally friendly, and it can be combined with today’s need for storing energy from renewable sources.

Learn more about fuel cells, how they work and the benefits of the technology here.

Key sectors

SerEnergy has delivered technology to many types of customers and projects since the foundation in 2006. From backup systems for telecom to boats, cars and even planes. Today, we focus primarily on stationary applications, where we believe we offer the biggest benefits. This covers a number of segments – see a few examples below.


In the telecommunications industry, amongst others, having reliable power generation with 100% uptime is crucial. Our system can provide backup power as well as temporary primary power or work in a hybrid system with other renewable sources such as solar and/or wind. Serving both current and future needs for power solutions, our methanol-fueled power system is a great match for the telecom industry.


The utilities sector refers to a companies, whether public of privately owned that provide basic amenities, such as water, sewage services, electricity, dams, and natural gas and other critical infra structure. Our systems can help them backup equipment which is critical for running their services.


The industrial segment covers companies within the primary and secondary sectors, that is involved in either production or services. Our systems provides an excellent alternative to diesel generators for backup or for powering equipment, where the use of grid power is challenging or not possible.

Let’s talk benefits

Methanol fuel cell technology has several benefits – below are a few highlights

Low to zero emissions

Compared to diesel generators, our solutions offer a 50-65% CO2 reduction and no harmful emissions (NOX or particles). Using green methanol reduces CO2 emissions even further. So for the people nearby, there is an immediate advantage of this technology as well as on the long term environmental effects.

Lower fuel costs

As methanol is cheap and easy to produce, fuel cost savings are typically up to 60%, compared to diesel generators. Moreover, unlike other traditional fuels, methanol can be produced locally which means less transportation, import duty, etc.

Remote monitoring

With SerEnergy systems, you’ll get an integrated software and remote access platform that will revolutionize the way you are able to monitor your energy systems. With the platform you are able to start/stop your energy systems, analyze usage and energy produced, solve repair issues remotely. This eliminates the need for onsite visits and makes planning of site easier.

Easy upgrade at low cost

Most telecom operators and towercos are aware of the challenges of network planning, especially when increasing tenants and upgrading equipment and technology on site. With SerEnergy systems, you can easily upgrade site capacity without increasing footprint and be operational within 1-3 hours.

No noise or vibrations

The lack of moving parts means that our solutions generate no noise or vibrations, making them ideal for power generation in urban areas, on street corners, roof top sites, indoor installations etc.

Compact and light footprint

SerEnergy’s methanol fuel cell has a very high energy density. Within a footprint of less that 1m2 you can have up to 15kW power including fuel for backing up for several days. It’s also relatively light compared to other alternatives in the market.

Reduced need for service and maintenance

A fuel cell system is a chemical generator with very few moving parts. This keeps maintenance at a minimum resulting in less site visits.

Twice the efficiency

With efficiencies measured up to 45%, our fuel cell system beats the internal combustion engine on performance. Not only is efficiency high, the system is load controlled, so you get the same efficiency at both 20, 40 or 100% load. This ensures that your fuel economics are always optimum.

Flexible installation indoors, outdoors and on rooftop sites

Our fuel cell systems are quite flexible and can be installed where needed, whether indoors, outdoors or on rooftop sites. As telecom technology moves into 4 and 5G coverage, flexibility on installations in populated areas is crucial.

Fast swap of units on site

SerEnergy systems are not only compact and lightweight, but also easy to swap. If critical errors occur, the system can be swapped within 5-10 min, reducing the need for time spent on site and keeping downtime to a minimum.

Fuel cell products

With our flexible product range, you’ll get on-demand solutions from app. 1kW up to several hundred kW. The core system can generate max. 5 to 30kW  output and can be connected in parallel. We also offer a variety of flexible cabinets for indoor and outdoor solutions as well as deployable and mobile solutions.


  • 5kW output
  • 24/7 operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficiency of +50%

H3 Cabinet

  • From 5 to 30kW output
  • 24/7 operation
  • 200 L fuel tank (with option to add external tank)
  • Simple installation and refueling

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