About Us

We are part of Advent Technologies Holdings. which is a U.S. corporation that develops, manufactures, and assembles complete fuel cell systems, and the critical components for fuel cells in the renewable energy sector. Advent is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in California, Greece, Denmark, Germany, and the Philippines. With more than 100 patents issued, licensed, or pending for its fuel cell technology, Advent holds the IP for next-generation HT-PEM that enable various fuels to function at high temperatures under extreme conditions – offering a flexible “Any Fuel. Anywhere.” option for the automotive, aviation, defense, oil and gas, marine and power generation sectors. For more information, visit www.advent.energy.

Advent Technologies Denmark was established in 2006 as SerEnergy A/S and became a world-leading supplier of fuel cell solutions. Commercializing fuel cells since 2013, SerEnergy has shipped and deployed hundreds of units globally, making the company a leading player within fuel cell technology for segments within the maritime, telecom industry plus for utilities and other industry segments. For the global distribution of fuel cells, SerEnergy established a strong base across is sales offices in Denmark and Phillipines and a network of world-wide partners. As part of German fisher group and in collaboration with its entity, fischer eco solutions, SerEnergy secured access to main components and not least a production and assembly capacity enabling it to produce and deliver according to demands on increase from customers in green transitions, especially telecom customers demanding sustainable solutions on the basis of green methanols systems.

Today, Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. includes SerEnergy A/S, fischer eco solutions and Ultracell, the latter specialising in small portable fuel cells. And in constellation with Advent Technologies’ own strengts in HT-PEM technology, main components of the fuel cell, Advent as a whole presents to markets a globally leading fuel cell provider, covering the vertical supply chain offering  sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solutions.


Advent Technologies A/S has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 since 2017.

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Advent Technologies A/S’ Association Memberships

We are proud to partake in a number of local and international networks and associations. The associations to which we connect have either the purpose of bringing together business and/or promoting fuel cells as a green alternative.