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About SerEnergy

SerEnergy is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of reformed methanol fuel cell solutions applicable in various applications such as stationary power generation, mobility, and marine. Having supplied fuel cell solutions for more than a decade, SerEnergy is one of the manufacturers with the largest number of deployed units in the world.

With a green mindset, SerEnergy aims to contribute to the world’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, while also overcoming some of the widely-known challenges within the renewable sector, such as flexibility and availability. SerEnergy solely works with methanol-based fuel cell technologies, since methanol is a liquid fuel that can be produced using renewable energy sources, stored for years, transported around the world and distributed using the conventional supply chain, unlike gaseous fuels.

SerEnergy’s products are based on high-temperature PEM-technology that adds to the performance of the fuel cell systems and ensures an attractive return on investment due to the enhanced electrical efficiency, allowing 30-80% fuel savings. This is a reflection of the company’s rich experience and focus on providing customers with cost-effective and highly-reliable systems.

With headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, SerEnergy provides premium-quality methanol fuel cell solutions with an electrical efficiency of 40-50% and a low emission. With highly skilled staff in and outside Denmark, we strive to provide all our customers with high-quality service and support. At SerEnergy, we aim to be the first-choice supplier of environmentally-friendly methanol fuel cell systems throughout the world.

Today, SerEnergy is fully owned by German Fischer Group that was founded in 1969 in Seebach in the Black Forest. Thanks to a consistent quality policy Fischer Group has developed into an important global supplier of tubes and components made of stainless steel and specialty alloys for among others the automotive, chemical and household appliance industry. The group of companies now has sites in eight countries and 20 international subsidiaries with close to 2,000 employees.

SerEnergy has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2017.

ISO 9001 Certification

Vision statement

Methanol fuel cells will wipe the internal combustion engine from the face of the earth.


Mission statement

We provide highly efficient, low-emission methanol fuel cell solutions for stationary, mobility and marine power generation.