Applications and solutions

SerEnergy designs and manufactures HT PEM fuel cell applications which are not only feasible, but also an efficient way to produce sustainable electricity and heat. SerEnergy’s HT PEM fuel cells can be applied in three broad areas: distributed power generation, telecom power and mobility. Here you can learn more about how SerEnergy’s HT PEM fuel cell systems are applied in applications to produce electricity on various sites around the globe. 

Case studies

The best way to discribe what we do is to show what we have delivered to our customers around the world.

Here are some examples of the solutions that we have developed for the future together with our customers:

Telecom: Major Asian telecom company switching from diesel generators to fuel cells.

PaXell – Maritime application for fuel cell technology

ORACLE sweepinig machine – HT PEM fuel cell technology for utility vehicles

FIAT e500 – Battery electric plugin hybrid car with methanol fuel cell range extender