Driving green should be easy and inexpensive. SerEnergy designs fully integrated transport solutions, which drives extensively longer than the regular electric vehicles by the help of a built-in fuel cell, performing as a range extender. In addition, the vehicles are CO2 neutral and thereby emit far less hazardous particles than vehicles with combustion engines, as they run on green methanol. SerEnergy’s methanol fuel cell range extenders are sizeable and can approximately add another 800 km to the range of the electric car. SerEnergy’s scalable design of fuel cell system means that the system can easily be integrated into multiple transport applications from urban vehicles to buses.

SerEnergy’s Mobility Power Systems offer a number of key advantages:

  • Low fuel costs
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Zero-harmful emission and CO2-neutral



  • H3 2500/5000: Height: 266 mm, Width: 483 mm, Length: 702 mm, Weight: 57/65 kg, Volume (L): 81 L


Low fuel costs and high efficiency

SerEnergy’s fuel cells run on a mix of methanol and water (60% methanol and 40% water), which is a cheap and efficient fuel. Methanol is an excellent carrier of energy and is, therefore, a unique storage for sustainable energy.

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Quiet and clean performance

SerEnergy’s Mobility Power System offers a clean, quiet and pollution-free solution without affecting the performance of the vehicle. Cars running on green methanol makes it possible to create a greener and more sustainable transport sector without compromising the performance of the vehicle.

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Utilizing the existing infrastructure

From a social point of view, one of the fundamental advantages of SerEnergy’s Mobility Power System is the significant savings, which can be obtained by utilizing the current infrastructure with liquid fluids, such as green methanol. If fuel cannot be distributed and refueled in a conventional way, large investments for long-term deployment of a new infrastructure must be accepted.

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