Quiet and clean performance

Serenergy’s Mobility Power System offers a clean, quiet and pollution-free solution without affecting the performance of the vehicle. Cars running on green methanol makes it possible to create a greener and more sustainable transport sector without compromising the performance of the vehicle.

 The only noise in Serenergy’s methanol fuel cell vehicle when driving is the sound of tires on the road; otherwise, Serenergy’s mobility power system offers driving without any noise. Because of the lack of moving parts in the fuel cell system, the noise level is very low and the only part making any noise are the compressor, the blower and the pumps. This also means that there is no vibrations, which is also the case with conventional internal combustion engines. At a speed of 50 km/h, the driver of the vehicle is exposed to 72 dB, which os the same level of noise as in an office environment.

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