A reliable communications infrastructure is based on uninterrupted power. In fact, power disturbances are the most common cause of communications downtime. From high efficiency to scalability, SerEnergy fuel cells offers distinct advantages to Telecom Power systems. The SerEnergy Telecom Power system offers a high level of freedom. The methanol driven system is especially suited for “extended duration runtime”, which is ideal for Telecom power systems. The fuel cell system can be used in case of smaller shutdowns to 24/7 operation.

SerEnergy’s Telecom Power System offers an excellent alternative to batteries and diesel generators and is setting new standards to the telecom industry.


  • H3 2500/5000: Height: 266 mm, Width: 482,6 mm, Length: 702 mm, Weight: 57/65 kg, Volume (L): 81 L
  • H3 Outdoor Cabinet – Duo: Height: 1530 mm, Width: 810 mm, Length: 1140 mm, Weight(operation): 420-545 kg (depending on material and configuration), Volume (L): 1113 L

An economic and efficient solution

In a modern and connected world power reliable and cost-effective telecom power systems are very important, as even brief shut downs in the communication infrastructure can be extremely costly. SerEnergy’s Telecom Power System offers a cost-effective and reliable solution.

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No preventive maintenance

When operating in remote locations, as most telecom power systems, breakdowns can cause major issues and be very costly. SerEnergy’s Telecom Power Systems offer high reliability and require no preventive maintenance, as they have only very few moving parts to wear.

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Quiet and clean operation

SerEnergy’s Telecom Power system offers a clean, quiet and pollution free solution. Using green methanol as a fuel makes it possible to generate a sustainable energy system, which operates clean and without any particular noise, which is a significant issue when it comes to generic solutions.

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At SerEnergy, we always aim at meeting our customers needs. SerEnergy’s Telecom Power System is a modular and scalable fuel cell system, that can be scaled up depending on the power need of the application. This makes it possible to customize the fuel cell system and making it fit the exact need of the system in the telecom application. SerEnergy can scale the system by the number of cells of the system and producing a higher power range by connecting several systems. SerEnergy can, therefore, offer a customized fuel cell system that fits the exact need of the facility in the telecom application.