An economic and efficient solution

In a modern and connected world power reliable and cost-effective telecom power systems are very important, as even brief shut downs in the communication infrastructure can be extremely costly. Serenergy’s Telecom Power System offers a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Over its lifetime, a Serenergy fuel cell unit can offer cost savings, which goes beyond existing technologies, e.g. batteries and diesel generators. Serenergy’s Telecom Power System has an efficiency of +45%, which exceeds the efficiency of a conventional internal combustion engine, which has an electric outcome of approx..25 %.

The high efficiency of Serenergy’s Telecom Power System is based on the lack of moving parts of the HT PEM reformed methanol system. The system therefore has very low parasitic losses which leads to a very high efficiency of the system, as only very little of the electric out comes goes to balancing the plant.

The efficiency of the system is based on the lack of moving parts and use of the HT PEM reformed methanol system. Compared to generic solutions and other fuel cell solutions, this generates a significantly higher efficiency. Most other fuel cells have an energy waste of approx. 10-20% of electric outcome of the fuel cell system, just to achieve operational status.

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