No preventive maintenance

When operating in remote locations, as most telecom power systems, breakdowns can cause major issues and be very costly. Serenergy’s Telecom Power Systems offer high reliability and require no preventive maintenance, as they have only very few moving parts to wear.

All Serenergy’s fuel cell systems has an integrated software system installed, which makes it possible to monitor the values of the module from remote locations, as well as correcting them, should an issue occur. Issues regarding the flow of the fuel cell system can therefore be dealt with quickly and in the rare event, that a system needs to be replaced, it will not come as a surprise, and it can be fixed as quick as possible. Serenergy’s Telecom Power System does not require any preventive or major maintenance, and for this reason, it is both economical and efficient.

Compared to an internal combustion engine, Serenergy’s fuel cell systems have very few moving parts – pumps, blowers and compressors – this means considerably less maintenance. Less maintenance means less visits to the telecom site and reduced costs. In the telecommunication industry, the fuel cell system is often located in remote areas, which can be difficult to access.

Serenergy offers a more reliable power solution than the generic solution such as batteries and diesel generators.

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