Quiet and clean operation

Serenergy’s Telecom Power System offers a clean, quiet and pollution free power solution for the telecom industry. By using green methanol to fuel HT PEM fuel cells in the Telecom Power System the telecom industry will experience financial and environmental advantages, as methanol fuel cells are ideal for back-up power generation.

Serenergy’s Telecom Power System is designed for high reliability, long life and minimal ongoing maintenance, which is especially important in areas with regular power outages, e.g. because of unstable weather conditions and unreliable electric grids.

By using green methanol as a fuel makes it possible to generate sustainable electricity, which operates quiet and clean. As the telecom industry often experience discontent from the public and property owners close to the site of the generator. The few moving parts of Serenergy’s fuel cell means, that the only noise you will ever hear from the system, is the compressor, the blower and the pump. This means no noteworthy vibrations. Serenergy’s fuel cell is therefore ideal for telecom systems placed close to working environments or housing areas without any disturbance.

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