Establishment of SerEnergy branch office in Norway

The future for methanol fuel cell technology for alternative power generation in Scandinavia looks very bright, and with local presence in Norway, SerEnergy is aiming to increase their market shares.

From 1 March 2018, SerEnergy’s customers in Northern Scandinavia can get local support from the newly established branch office in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

To ensure a high-quality customer support, the new office is manned by experienced staff that has moved to Norway from the headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.

Local presence enables fast support

SerEnergy Norway is located centrally in the city of Oslo, and with good connections to the main train station and airport, this location enables SerEnergy to give fast support to the customers in Norway and Sweden. The local office will also be used for customer meetings and daily fuel cell support work.

Going all the way is one of the core values at SerEnergy, and in order to do that, we need to be close to our customers. At the same time, we are expecting that with this new branch office in Norway, our market shares, especially within the telecommunication industry, will increase over the coming years”, says Anders Korsgaard, CEO at SerEnergy.

Alternative power generation

The methanol fuel cell system is an excellent alternative to traditional diesel generators and batteries, and can compete on cost, maintenance, system lifetime and environmental impact. With a high electrical efficiency of 40 to 50%, the methanol fuel cell solution is a reliable power generation system whether the need is for back-up, supplemental or primary power. The system is designed to operate under different climate conditions, including permanent negative degrees, and is a great solution for power generation for industries where 100% up-time is crucial.

SerEnergys new office in Oslo-Norway

The SerEnergy Norway office is located at:

C.J. Hambros Plass 2c

0164, Oslo











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