H3 Outdoor Cabinet

The Outdoor cabinet offers a complete power supply solution incorporation the H3 series of Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell systems and auxiliaries such as; Fuel tank, battery pack, power distribution and wireless communication for remote monitoring. Based on a simple  design the system can be integrated into existing site layout or new sites or buildings. The system is ideal for Rooftop sites or other challenging installations.

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The opening of Europe’s first methanol filling station

August 26, 2015, Sernergy opend Europe’s first methanol filling station as part of the consortium Green Methanol Infrastructure (link). This is the filling station in Aalborg is the first and more of its kind is on its way. The purpose is to demonstrate an infrastructure reutilizing the existing infrastructure.

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Methanol fuel cells as range extenders

Methanol fuel cells can solve the problem of limited range of electric cars.

The fuel cells can add up to 800 kilomters to the range of the battery.

Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell (RMFC)

The H3 2500 and H3 5000 modules contains a high temperature PEM stack built into a module designed for hydrogen or reformate gas system integration. The module enables integrators, researchers and development engineers to test boundary conditions on various system setups.

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