Benefits of Methanol Fuel Cells

Serenergy’s methanol fuel cells offers a range of unique advantages, which makes them well suited, technologically for a number of applications. As one of the leading manufacturer of methanol fuel cell solutions based on HT PEM fuel cell technology, we offer turnkey solutions for diesel generator replacement in the areas: distributed power generation, supplementary power and mobility. From high efficiency to scalability Serenergy’s methanol fuel cell solutions offers a number of advantages.

  • Lower costs – Methanol is cheap and easy to produce. Typically, there is 15-60% fuel cost savings compared to diesel generators.
  • Low to zero emission – Serenergy’s methanol fuel cells offer a CO2 neutral solution. There is a 50-65% CO2 reduction compared to diesel generators and no harmful emissions (NOX or particles).
  • High efficiency – The fuel cell system offers a high efficiency compared to internal combustion engines. It has a complete system efficiency up to 50%.
  • Reliability and low maintenance –The lack of moving parts in a Serenergy methanol fuel cell, especially compared to an internal combustion engine, signifies that the level of maintenance is low and the reliability of the system is thus very high.
  • Energy security – Oppose to fossil fuel, such as petrol and diesel, methanol is a very flexible fuel, which can be produced from a broad range of feedstock, hence ensuring energy security.
  • Scalability – The Serenergy methanol fuel cell modules are designed and available in customised sizes from 10 to 120 cells. Furthermore, two or four systems can be connected for higher power ranges. Consequently, this means that is a scalable power output of 1kWp to 6kW
  • Quiet energy – A Serenergy methanol fuel cell system generates no (low) noise (<62dB) and no vibrations, which makes them ideal for power generation in residential areas.
  • Technology compatibility – Serenergy’s methanol fuel cell solutions must be seen as complementary and not as a competitor, with other energy generation technologies. Especially renewable technologies.

Company and Product Advantages

  • Low noise and vibration – Both suitable for urban and rural locations
  • CO2 neutral energy production
  • Low maintenance – typically 75 % lower than diesel generators.
  • Increased tolerance towards a varied quality of methanol.
  • High efficiency – world-leading efficiency of +45%
  • Specialised, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.
  • Scalability of the fuel cell system.