The benefits of Methanol Fuel Cells

Methanol fuel cells carry a number of unique benefits, compared to other energy sources such as batteries or internal combustion engines.

From high efficiency to scalability, these are the 8 main benefits of a methanol-based fuel system.

  1. Lower fuel cost
    Methanol is cheap and easy to produce. Typically, methanol is more than 50% cheaper per liter than diesel.
  2. Low to zero emission
    Our methanol fuel cells offer a CO2 neutral solution. Compared to diesel generators, there’s a 50-65% CO2 reduction and no harmful emissions (NOX or particles).
  3. High efficiency
    The fuel cell system offers a high efficiency compared to internal combustion engines. It has a complete system efficiency of up to 50%, where combustion engines have an efficiency of 25-30%.
  4. Reliability and low maintenance
    The lack of moving parts in a methanol fuel cell results in a highly reliable system with a low degree of maintenance.
  5. Remote monitoring
    Reducing site visits are one of the key drivers of today’s and future technologies to reduce cost and speed in which you can keep operating your system. SerEnergy systems come with a remote monitoring platform where you can see the status of the systems, change control parameters and more.
  6. Energy security
    In contrast to fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel, methanol is a flexible fuel that can be produced from a broad range of feedstocks. This ensures availability and energy security of the solution.
  7. Scalability
    The system provides a scalable power output from 0 kW to 5kW and the system can be connected for higher power ranges.
  8. Quiet energy
    The methanol fuel cell system generates no to low noise (<62dB) and no vibrations. Therefore the system is ideal for power generation in residential areas.
  9. Technology compatibility
    Our fuel cell technology is designed for compatibility with other energy generation technologies, especially renewable technologies.
  10. Environmental safety
    Methanol is biodegradable. Accidents can happen especially during refueling etc which means that in case of spillage in water or on the ground the pollution disappears in a matter of hours. With diesel, on the other hand, you will need to clean the ground in case of spillage.


Company and Product Advantages

  • Low noise and vibration – Both suitable for urban and rural locations
  • CO2 neutral energy production
  • Low maintenance – typically 75 % lower than diesel generators.
  • Increased tolerance towards a varied quality of methanol.
  • High efficiency – world-leading efficiency of 42 %
  • Specialised, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.
  • Scalability of the fuel cell system.

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