HT PEM Modules

HT-PEM fuel cells can be operated on a broader temperature range than for example LT-PEM. Performance is in essence a function of temperature, and the higher operation temperature the higher performance and CO tolerance.

As by product the fuel cell generates heat. The heat is either removed a warm Air or carried by a liquid Coolant.

In Serenergy’s case more than 90{083eba7ff48f1f2c343021872124c8b8c9a7ef6bd13e00797c82af2920a6cf9d} of the waste-heat leaves the fuel cell system through the exhaust-pipe or cooling circuit and is therefore easy to utilize. Since the waste-heat in Serenergy’s fuel cell is conatined in a usable directional stream it is easy, cheap and simple to recover some, or most, of the waste-heat using air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchangers.

For the liquid cooled modules, external cooling by a cooling liquid can be connected and the fuel cell module will be able to deliver heat at a temperature of up till app 150 deg. C. Waste heat at this temperature is considered high quality. And may be used for Hot water generation, heating, Absorption cooling or steam generation.

Some of the key benefits of a HT-PEM system are:

  • Fewer components in HTPEM fuel cell systems
  • Little gas clean up needed
  • No humidifier
  • Simple efficient Cooling
  • Great heat utilization possible
  • Low parasitic losses to BOP components