Why do we use methanol?

There are several reasons (why) we use methanol for our fuel cells.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Mass-produced and highly available
  • Easy to store and handle
  • Low cost per unit
  • Safer than gasoline
  • CO2 neutral

Twice as high efficiency

In many cases, methanol-based fuel cells make twice as good use of energy compared to combustion engines. Our fuel cells have an efficiency of +45%, whereas a combustion engine has an efficiency of 25-30 %.

Available anywhere

Methanol is produced on a global scale and used in thousands of everyday products. Thus, methanol is readily available and easy to obtain no matter where in the world you’re located.

Easy to handle

Being a liquid fuel, methanol is easier to handle and store than hydrogen. Moreover, the distribution of methanol can take advantage of existing distribution systems.

Low cost per unit

In cost-per-unit-of-energy terms, methanol compares favorably with both gasoline and diesel.


Methanol is safer than gasoline as it’s less prone to ignite than gasoline. Also, it burns slower, creates no black smoke and emits lower radiant energy, which makes it less likely that surrounding materials catch fire.

Methanol as a sustainable fuel

Methanol in itself is not a sustainable fuel. However, if it’s produced from biomass resources or the biodegradable parts of waste (green methanol), it’s CO2 neutral.