Minister of Taxation visits Serenergy

February 13th, 2017 Danish Minister of Taxation; Karsten Lauritzen visited Serenergy for a dicussion regarding taxation on methanol used in e.g. methanol fuel cell hybrid vehicles.

Methanol fuel cell vehicles

This motion graphics video shows how methanol fuel cells could be the future of renewable fuel for our vehicles.

New methanol fuel cell car for Just Eat

December 15th 2016, Serenergy is proud to announce the world’s first registered methanol-driven fuel cell car.

Serenergy receives business award

November 22nd 2016, Danish-German Chamber of Commerce announced Serenergy as the recipient the Danish-German business award 2017.

CP Power Event 2016

CP Power Event 2016 with SerEnergy: May 19th 2016 in Odense, Denmark.

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Methanol as a vehicle fuel

Serenergy expands into new premises

Serenergy A/S is undergoing a rapid development and has by November 2015 taken over the neighbour building. This means an expansion of 2000m2 of the production and administration facilities. These will primarily be used for production and development of Serenergy’s fuel cell solutions.

New Agreement: Long Term Commitment to the implementation of fuel cell cars

9 October the Danish government made a long term commitment to the implementation of electric and fuel cell cars. The battery car will gradually be taxed higher until 2020 where they will have a level similar to cars with combustion engines.

Video: Europe’s First Methanol Filling Station

Europe now has its first methanol filling station, and this is the beginning of a revolution in the electric car market.

Press Release: Europe’s First Methanol Filling Station

The consortium Green Methanol Infrastructure is ready to open the first methanol refueling station in Europe. The consortium is a cooperation between Danish petrol company OK a.m.b.a., Hamag and Serenergy. The refueling station will be located in Aalborg, Denmark and will open 26 August.