Low fuel costs and high efficiency

SerEnergy’s fuel cells run on a mix of methanol and water (60{083eba7ff48f1f2c343021872124c8b8c9a7ef6bd13e00797c82af2920a6cf9d} methanol and 40{083eba7ff48f1f2c343021872124c8b8c9a7ef6bd13e00797c82af2920a6cf9d} water), which is a cheap and efficient fuel. Methanol is an excellent carrier of energy and is, therefore, a unique storage for sustainable energy.

SerEnergy’s Mobility Power System thus enables a more efficient performance compared to other fuel cell systems and other generic solutions. The efficiency of SerEnergy’s Mobility System is 42 {083eba7ff48f1f2c343021872124c8b8c9a7ef6bd13e00797c82af2920a6cf9d} compared to 25 {083eba7ff48f1f2c343021872124c8b8c9a7ef6bd13e00797c82af2920a6cf9d} of an internal combustion engine.

In addition to high efficiency, SerEnergy’s Mobility Power System provides a highly efficient transportation system to low costs, as the costs of methanol are very attractive. As methanol can be produced from a variety of feedstock, it is a very flexible fuel and cheap to produce.

Over the last decades, there has been a continuous rise in the prices of fossil fuel. The price of methanol has however not increased to the same extent as conventional fossil fuels. The cost of methanol is therefore competitive to conventional fuels, such as diesel and petrol.

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