Clean and efficient energy for any purpose anywhere

No matter where in the world you’re located, and no matter what you do, you should have a means of clean and efficient energy production at your hands.

Our fuel cell systems and solutions are designed to turn that vision into reality.

These are some of the key industries we serve:

Communication networks

Communication networks needs power whether for backup or supplemental. H3-5000 provides critical backbone for communication networks which are not allowed to fail.

For many years batteries and diesel generators have been the only alternative. SerEnergy Power systems sets new standards in the communication industry. Today it is possible to install a backup power solution which is silent and does not release any harmful emissions.

Utility applications

Within generation and distribution of electricity, gas and water to the general public is critical that power and transmission equipment is always available. With H3-5000 you get a clean, easy and efficient energy source at the point of use or for supporting critical infrastructure equipment.

Used for power generation or in combination with other clean alternatives like solar, wind or hydropower, our methanol fuel cell system is the perfect match for a hybrid solution. Majority of Co2 emissions come from power and heat generation, and finding green alternatives with change the landscape of especially power generation in the coming years.

Industrial applications

The Industrial segment covers several applications within the B-t-B market which has use for power primarily for backup purposes. Within financial sector, rental companies, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction or health and hospital sector.  

For backup and in areas with unreliable grid H3-5000 can provide a flexible, environmentally friendly solution, which will live up to current and future standards in relation to noise, emissions and safety.

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