Fuel cell cabinets – a green on-demand, fully developed power solution

Flexible installation of our H3-series is critical for customer satisfaction. Our fuel cell cabinets combine the H3-series of fuel cells with fuel tank, power distribution and wireless communication for remote monitoring, making it a complete, independent power solution. We offer a number of outdoor, indoor and deployable solutions which can cover any installation needs.

Outdoor cabinets

  • From 5kW to 15 kW @ 48 VDC
  • Compact and lightweight solution which reduces carbon footprint
  • Both indoor and outdoor installation options makes it highly flexible
  • Fast installation and quick swap solution when service or repair is needed
  • Reduced preventative maintenance
  • Integrated tank with 200 L fuel capacity
  • Suitable for hot, humid and cold climates
  • Simple refueling including monitoring option

Indoor cabinets

  • Low Voltage solution
    • 5-15 kw @ 48 VDC
    • Internal 200 liter tank
    • Modular build-up where tank, fuel pump/filters as well as electrical departments can be installed separately where there is room.
  • High Voltage solution
    • 30-300 kW @ up to 1000 VDC
    • Modular and scaleble buildup
    • Designed for marine environment
    • Liquid Cooling system for heat recovery

Deployable cabinets

  • Deployable unit for temporary installation of power
  • Upgradable to 10kW
  • Fully functionable as a standalone cabinet
  • Includes solution for delivering immediate power.

Need more information?

If you want more information on the fuel cell cabinet solutions and its applications, please contact us here.