Serenergy Methanol Fuel Cell Cabinets

Serenergy develops complete solutions power supply solutions incorporating the H3-series of reformed methanol fuel cell systems and auxiliaries, such as fuel tank, power distribution and wireless communication for remote monitoring.

Serenergy’s fuel cell solutions work in parallel with an external battery pack on site or installed with the system. The embedded charge controller enables regulated DC power for all applications and battery types. The RMFC features catalytic start-up enabling fast start-up and minimum power consumption in standby and during the start-up process.

High temperature PEM with an integrated methanol reformer for onsite hydrogen generation enables high power density and high fuel energy density. The fuel is a methanol mix fuel (60% methanol and 40% water) readily available through several global suppliers. The integration of fuel cell and reformer enables a highly energy efficient system due to reuse of fuel cell waste heat for the reformation process.

Serenergy’s methanol power system has multiple applications both off- or on-grid including application in critical backup power, temporary power or continuous power

Key features of Serenergy’s cabinets:

  • Methanol fuel cell solution
  • From 2,5 kW to 30 kW – 48/350-750 VDC
  • No preventive maintenance
  • 200 L fuel capacity
  • Climate independent operation
  • Simple installation and refueling