Serenergy’s HT PEM methanol fuel cell is ideal for distributed power generation, providing a high degree of freedom and sustainable energy at the point of the end user. Over time, the total cost of ownership is lower, compared to generic power solutions, such as diesel generators and batteries. Serenergy offers complete solutions, which are designed to produce clean and efficient energy anywhere.

Serenergy’s fuel cell application for Distributed Power Generation can supply electrical power for a wide range of purposes. It reduces grid losses by moving the generation closer to the consumer and allows the use of waste heat generated in electricity production. Industrial consumers can enjoy the advantage of cost effective peak production, grid stabilization and uninterrupted power supply.


  • H3 2500/5000: Height: 266 mm, Width: 482,6 mm, Length: 702 mm, Weight: 57/65 kg, Volume (L): 81 L
  • H3 Outdoor Cabinet – Duo: Height: 1530 mm, Width: 810 mm, Length: 1140 mm, Weight(operation): 420-545 kg (depending on material and configuration), Volume (L): 1113 L

High efficiency in small units

Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation offers improvements of the efficiency of power generation to industrial units, including the prospects for high efficiency, low emissions, low noise, scalability, reliability and low costs. The main advantage for Serenergy’s fuel cells application for distributed power generation is its system efficiency. Serenergy’s Distributed Power Generation can be applied in various applications, such as in areas with unstable power grids or on large ships, serving hotel operation.

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Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation is highly reliable and requires no preventive maintenance, as it is built on reliable technology that delivers predictable performance at sites in a wide range of climates, as well as eliminating dangerous emissions and noise.

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Marine application for fuel cell technology

Fuel cells and the marine industry is a good match. Integration of Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation on board of a ship offers a broad range of opportunities by increasing efficiency of the entire power generation and distribution network.

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A CO2 neutral substitute

Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation is ideal for substitution of the noisy and pollutant diesel generators. Serenergy’s fuel cell system is CO2 neutral, as the system emit less carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides per kilowatt of generated power than a generic diesel generator.

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