High efficiency in small units

Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation offers improvements of the efficiency of power generation to industrial units, including the prospects for high efficiency, low emissions, low noise, scalability, reliability and low costs. The main advantage for Serenergy’s fuel cells application for distributed power generation is its system efficiency. Serenergy’s Distributed Power Generation can be applied in various applications, such as in areas with unstable power grids or on large ships, serving hotel operation.

Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation uses only 4 % of the fuel cell power output for balance of the plant components, which makes this the fuel cell system with one of the lowest parasitic power consumption. Because of the low parasitic loss, Serenergy’s fuel cell system efficiency up to 57 %. Other fuel cell systems have an energy waste of approximately 10-20 % of the fuel cell’s electric output just to obtain operational status.

An HT PEM with an integrated methanol reformer for onsite hydrogen generation enables high power density and high fuel energy density. The integration of the fuel cell and reformer enables a highly energy efficient system because of the reuse of fuel cell waste heat for the reforming process.

Compared to a generic diesel generator with an efficiency of approximately 25 %, the efficiency of Serenergy’s fuel cell system is also significantly higher. The remaining fuel energy of the diesel generator is rejected into the atmosphere, whereas the fuel cell system is reusing the exhaust heat for a heating – and cooling system. From an economic point of view and in the long run, Serenergy’s fuel cell application for distributed power generation is significantly cheaper than the generic diesel generator.

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