Serenergy has a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, who offers the best possible support to our customers, thereby ensuring maximum product uptime.

Our systems have integrated software, which makes it possible for us to provide support, should it be necessary during runtime. Through an online interface program, we have the opportunity to change values, if an error should occur. As many of our systems are located on remote locations and e.g. used for telecom, this is highly convenient – saving time and cost.

We always aim at making products with high performance and long lifetime, ensuring that our customers get the most out of our products and reducing the cost of the system. We offer a flexible and fully tailored systems and solutions providing our customers with exactly the tools required to meet internal targets.


Serenergy offers a number of standard methanol fuel cell systems and solutions. Should the solutions not fit your specific requirements, we have highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians with many years of experience and know-how working with HT PEM fuel cells.

Our standardized product lines meet most consumer’s needs. However, some applications require a customized power output and due to the scalability of our systems, we have the opportunity to customize the fuel cell solutions. Should you be interested in a customized fuel cell system, matching a specific need, please contact us for further information.


Testing and quality assurance 

Serenergy consists of a team of experienced engineers and technicians, who always aims at manufacturing the best quality and most efficient fuel cell system with a long lifetime. To always improve our products, we test our systems through a broad range of tests:


– HTPEM/cell durability testing, measuring the degradation over time on stack level as well as on modules

– Startup and shutdown testing on stack and systems

– Current dependent cell performance

– Fuel dependent cell performance

– Accelerated stress testing on cells

– Methanol reformation gas testing

– Coolant long term performance

– Cell temperature dependency


If you need any help, we’re here

To ensure maximum product uptime, our highly skilled engineers and technicians are always available to you.

Due to the integrated software in our solutions, we can provide support during runtime when needed. Should an error occur, we can change values in the system through our online interface program. This saves you both time and costs.

If you need technical support or assistance, please send us your inquiry right here and get in touch with one of our engineers.