Serenergy Methanol Fuel Cell Systems

Serenergy develops and manufactures high temperature methanol fuel cell systems to produce power that meets the consumers need. Serenergy’s H3 methanol power systems produces 2,5 and 5kW. The systems are modular and scalable, that can be scaled up depending on the power need of the application.

Serenergy’s H3 methanol power systems can be used to supply an external battery pack existing on site or installed with the system. The methanol fuel cell system is ideal to combine with renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar or multiple applications – both off- and on-grid, including application in critical back-up power, temporary power or premium power generation. Serenergy’s markets include grid power generation, marine power generation, industry and utility power supply.

Key features of Serenergy’s H3 methanol power systems:

  • Methanol fueled – integrated reformer system
  • World-leading efficiency +45 %
  • No preventive maintenance
  • Liquid cooled high temperature PEM stack
  • High power density
  • High heat rejection temperature
  • Extended runtime operation
  • Simple installation and autonomous operation.