Fuel cell systems – a green scalable power solution

Our H3 fuel cell systems offer a simple, powerful and reliable solution for on-demand power generation. On top of that it is uniquely designed in a way where methanol is reformed on site to hydrogen, which means that the fuel for SerEnergy systems is liquid and is not only easily distributed but also available all around the world. The system produces up to 5kW and can easily be scaled up depending on your power needs.

The system delivers DC power directly, meaning that it is a highly efficient solution and there is no loss from converting from AC power like with traditional AC Diesel generators. This reduces complexity and just as important fuel consumption on site.

Built with sustainability in mind, the system can operate in combination with renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power.

As a low maintenance power solution, the system is ideal for critical backup power, temporary or continuous 24/7 power – and operates in on- and off-grid applications.

Key features

  • Silent operation without harmful emissions
  • Liquid and easily distributed and available fuel
  • Light and compact power system with small footprint
  • Efficiency above 40% and higher at optimal load
  • Remote monitoring
  • Fast swappable solution for repair and service securing optimal uptime
  • Reduced preventive maintenance
  • High power density
  • Simple installation and autonomous operation.

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