Serenergy expands into new premises

Serenergy A/S is undergoing a rapid development and has by November 2015 taken over the neighbour building. This means an expansion of 2000m2 of the production and administration facilities. These will primarily be used for production and development of Serenergy’s fuel cell solutions.

During the last two years, Serenergy has doubled the number of employees and the recruitment does not seem to stop in the near future.

In the last two years we have experienced a significant increase in demand for our products and solutions, which has meant that we have doubled our number of employees”, says Serenergy’s CEO, Anders Korsgaard. He continues; “Our premises have become too small and therefore we have decided to double our capacity by taking over the neighbour building”.

The takeover means an extra 2000 m2 for production and administration, which all takes place on Lyngvej in Aalborg. The expansion of Serenergy’s facilities is a product of the acquisition by German, Fischer Group, who at the turn of the year bought up Serenergy after a cooperation for a long time. A financially strong partner has resulted in an upscale of both production facilities, sales activities and a significant focus on the commercial market.

New markets and new products

Another significant reason for the expansion of facilities is a serious focus on the electric car market as a user of technology, where the fuel cells are charging on the battery of the electric engine. By using the fuel cell as a range extender we can solve the fundamental issue of the electric car – we can extend the range up to 800 km and still be CO2 neutral and emission free.

It is easy, it is economical and it is green”, says CEO, Anders Korsgaard. He continues, “It is easy because we can use the already existing infrastructure. It is economical because methanol is a relatively cheap feedstock and it is green because we can produce it from sustainable energy sources and because when we use it in the fuel cell, there are no emissions.

In August, Serenergy opened the first methanol filling station in Aalborg together with Danish petrol company, OK and electronic company, Hamag, and within recent future, more methanol filling stations will follow. By next year, Serenergy will be launching the first commercial methanol driven hybrid cars.