Equal tax for liquid fuels makes methanol highly competitive

Today a broad political agreement was made by the danish parliment to adjust the implementation schemes for Battery electric vehicles and other alternative fuel options. Within this framework the decision to align tax on liquid fuels was made.This means that Methanol mixed with water will be taxed based on the Energy content and not the volume as has been the case until now. The adjustment means that Methanol will pay the similar tax level as is known from currently used fuels as diesel/gasoline and not 4 times the tax as was the case before due to the relative lower energy content per liter in Methanol water compared to diesel. 

With the new tax scheme a Methanol fuel cell vehicle can reduce fuel costs with up to 40% compared to a diesel vehicle and this is without harmful emissions. Furthermore a Methanol fuel cell vehicle can drive 800 km per refueling while reusing the existing cost-effective liquid infrastructure.

It is essential to contribute with fuel tax to have a sustainable fuel alternative for the future – however the decision to make the taxation equal is welcomed by SerEnergy who will be able to put more Methanol vehicles on the streets in the future.

http://www.skm.dk/aktuelt/presse/pressemeddelelser/2017/april/aftale-paa-plads-lavere-afgift-skal-sparke-gang-i-elbilsalget  (DK link)